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well-appointed, and spacious rooms


Immerse yourself in our comfortable, elegant, and historic Restaurant & Bar

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Welcome to The National Hotel

Experience comfort and luxury at The National Hotel from richly appointed and unique rooms in which to relax and escape today's pressures, to our quality dining choices, where a friendly and attentive staff can help you unwind as you enjoy local flavors of the area.

The Hotel



 Dating back to 1833, the historic building was rebuilt in1850 from a stagecoach stop and a brothel. Each spacious guest room provides guests with the right blend of luxury and service, ultimately creating a unique and genuinely personal experience.

The modern amenities incorporated into the rooms complement the historic charm of The National Hotel and will leave you with memories you will long treasure.

The Restaurant & Bar



 Committed to supporting local and sustainable farmers sets the foundation of the carefully crafted and inspired menus. Guests will savor delectable culinary dishes alongside house-infused cocktails and a selective wine and drink list, that brings global delights alongside national favorites that are sure to please the senses.

The Rathskeller Tavern



Rathskeller (a.k.a. The Rat) is the heart of The National Hotel, that brings community together. From its long history of being a gathering spot, to the area’s late night destination, The Rat offers live music and entertainment 3-4 nights per week.